Chicago College of the Performing Arts, Roosevelt University, 2011-2013
M.M. composition
instructors: Kyong Mee Choi, Stacy Garrop

Lawrence University, 1999-2003
B.M. percussion performance
Graduated Magna Cum Laude
instructors: Dane Richeson, Matt Turner, Fred Sturm, John Harmon

Awards, Scholarships, Residencies
2015 MIMIC selected for Omaha Under the Radar Festival
2014 DETRITIVORE selected for Outer Ear Festival of Sound at ESS
2013 Winner of Timothy McAllister's solo saxophone competition
2012 Winner of CCPA's Vector Project orchestra recording competition
2010/12 CCPA composition merit scholarship
2011 Winner of Gaudete Brass Quintet's fanfare competition
2010 School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Roger Brown House Residency
2006 Drowned in Sound (UK's largest rock webzine), No. 2 album of the year
2003 Phi Kappa Lambda music honors society

2015 The Heat Death of Adulthood I (Parlour Tapes+, USA)
2014 Graffito (Soft Cage Films, USA) percussionist
2012 Piñata, Volcano! (Leaf Label, UK)
2012 Piñata (single), Volcano! (Leaf Label, UK)
2009 So Many Lemons (single), Volcano! (Leaf Label, UK)
2008 Paperwork, Volcano! (Leaf Label, UK) _"Critic's Choice" NY Times 9/2008
2008 Africa Just Wants To Have Fun (single), Volcano! (Leaf Label, UK)
2006 Apple or a Gun, Volcano! (Leaf Label, UK)
2005/6 Beautiful Seizure, Volcano! (Leaf Label, UK)_ Drowned in Sound's No. 2 Album of the Year 2006

Radio Performances/broadcast
03.17.2013 WFMT Chicago, IL - Hard or Soft, Silence or Time
06.12.2012 WBEZ'S Eight Forty Eight Chicago, IL - Piñata selections
10.23.2008 Radio RAI (Italian National Radio) Bolzano, IT - Paperwork selections
02.27.2006 BBC Radio 1 London, UK - Beautiful Seizure selections

Selected Performances (works in alphabetical order)
Biped, Ungrateful
04.14.2013, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Jana Pavlovska (pno)

01.27.2013, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Jana Pavlovska (pno)

Buried In Ornament
02.15.2012, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Forrest Ransburg (fl)

Creature Feeling
04.14.2012, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
(all players - perc) Sam Scranton, Josh Hooten, Matt Kibort, Boyan Tantchev, Alex Atchley

12.04.2012, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
(all players - perc) Sam Scranton, Josh Hooten, Matt Kibort, Boyan Tantchev, Brendan Harder

10.19.14, The Franklin (Chicago, IL)
Bill Frisch, Deidre Huckabay, Sam Scranton, Andrew Tham (all - found percussion, voice)

05.09.14, Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago, IL)
Bill Frisch, Deidre Huckabay, Sam Scranton, Andrew Tham (all - found percussion, voice)

The Family Romance
12.14.2003, Green Mill (Chicago, IL)
Lloyd King (fl), Johnse Holt (gtr), Bley (cb) Sam Scranton (perc)

Freed from the Vagaries of Chance
04.05.2012, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Civic Brass Quintet

Good Night, Children. We’re In The Arms of the Great Lover.
04.16.2010, Art Of This (Minneapolis, MN)
Sam Scranton (fixed media electronics), Molly Roth (mixed media installation)

Latent Structure
11.04.2011, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Gaudete Brass Ensemble

Libera Me: An Object Fashioned of Ourselves
03.25.2013, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Timothy McAllister (alto sax)

Magicicada, Brood XIII: All Aboard For Fun Time
07.29.2013, Constellation (Chicago, IL)
(all players - voice and perc) Jenna Lyle, Hope Littwin, Joel Midden, Dan Mohr

04.14.2013, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
(all players - voice and perc) CCPA vocal ensemble

04.12.2013, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
(all players - voice and perc) CCPA vocal ensemble

Memory Is A Kind Of Achievement
02.15.2012, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Hope Littwin (alto), Emma Casey (fl/ alto fl), Brittany Mullins (cl / b cl), Alex Atchley (perc), Josh Hooten (perc). EmmaStrohbusch (vla), Alison Rowe (vc)

12.14.2003, Green Mill (Chicago, IL)
Lloyd King (fl) Johnse Holt (gtr), Curt Bley (cb) Sam Scranton (perc)

Small Joy
04.14.2013, Ganz Hall (Chicago, IL)
Olya Prohorova (vln), Doug Merar (vln). Emma Strohbusch (vla), Jing Chen (vla), Alison Rowe (vc), Chris Cortez (vc), JohnSutton (cb), Zach Moore (cb)

Selected Performances as a Percussionist

Beyond This Point percussion quartet
3.08.2015, Round Lake Area Public Library (Round Lake, IL)
musicians- John Corkill, Brett Baxter, Alex Monroe, Sam Scranton

08.2014 (release date) Soft Cage Films NFP

Spectacle Lunatique
3.20.2014, Redmoon Theater (Chicago, IL)

Something Beautiful Movement Orchestra
1.10 -1.15.2014, Gorilla Tango (Chicago,IL)
Mikel Avery (composer), Amanda Avery (choreographer)

Winter Pageant
12.12.2013 – 12.21.2013, Redmoon Theater (Chicago, IL)

Infinite Lives-Record Release Party
8.24.2013, Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago, IL)

Terror Management Exercise, by Molly Roth
8.10.2013, Front and Center Exhibition, Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago, IL)

Collision Theory
5.13.2013, Constellation (Chicago, IL)
musicians- Tomeka Reid, Devin Hoff, Jeff Kimmel, Sam Scranton
dancers- Adriana Durant, Julieann Graham, Matthew McMunn

Selections from Piñata
08.11.2012, Experimental Sound Studio's SummerSonic Festival (Chicago, IL)

01.28.2012, Co-Prosperity Sphere (Chicago, IL)

05.31.2010, Pritzker Pavillion (Chicago, IL)

Selections from Paperwork
04.11.2009, Volion (Moscow, RU)

11.03.2008, Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL)

10.21.2008, Lido (Berlin, DE)

Selections from Beautiful Seizure
06.24.2006, Vilette Sonique Festival (Paris, Fr)

03.17.2006, SXSW (Austin, TX)