An evening-length musical rite for percussive objects, tabletop violin, text and light that conjures a contemporary occulted world.

Recorded live at Comfort Station on 9/10/15.

Ellen McSweeney and I developed MIMIC during the winter of 2014-15 and premiered it in Omaha at Omaha Under the Radar Festival on June 9, 2015.

MIMIC enlists both performers as equal participants in a musical rite, using sound as well as text, light, cathected objects, movement, and costume to explore a contemporary occulted world that conceals from each of us the spectral roles that we come to inherit. Nested between two speakers and three tape players, the two musicians face off at a low ceremonial table, highly attuned to each other’s every movement. The violin -- an easy symbol of refinement and the Classical canon -- is laid flat on the table, reduced to its most basic physical elements, and played with homemade tools ranging from metal screws to rubber hammers. The table, covered with wood, metal, and stone, becomes an instrument in itself, played by four highly integrated hands.