Creature Feeling
I. They All Wound, the Last one Kills
II. Make Haste, but Slowly

for percussion quintet

Recorded live at Ganz Hall
Performed by: Alex Atchley, Josh Hooten, Matt Kibort, Sam Scranton, Boyan Tantchev

I drew the titles of each movement from common inscriptions on English clock towers. Meant as reminders of the unrelenting passage of time, their function went beyond that of morbid signposts. Some inscriptions hoped to spur passersby into enriched engagement with their surroundings, some to forgo earthly pleasures and to look beyond to the afterlife, some to color life with a sweet melancholy.

The sound world that dominates the opening movement might resemble to some, creatures gathering, coalescing, and dissipating. The second movement is defined by a plaintive and repetitive descending melody spread across each individual player. The movement ends when each performers time comes to an end.